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The Good Smack for the Planet Podcast by Hey Social Good

Jun 11, 2021

M’Porte founder, Brian McDonald, fills a big gap in the Take-Out industry. Our love of eating out can be guilt-free as we open up a clamshell filled with yummy, steaming food, and know that one less plastic or styrofoam container is eliminated from our planet. The M’Porte Exchange Program works with local restaurants in California and Hawai’i to offer a community sharing of pre-cleaned reusable containers. Our love for eating out and taking it to-go feels liberating because the meal is placed in stainless steel containers, and the same reusable containers are brought back to a zero waste restaurant to be reused again! Just as amazing is the knowledge that you're eating a take-out meal that hasn’t been sitting in a plastic container for an hour. Wonderfully, you might feel like your grandma just made a delicious Thai dinner because it’s housed in a beautiful stainless steel take-out container. Brian speaks honestly about his own journey of trying to help solve a very, very big problem without letting all the obstacles get in the way. Now, that’s a seriously, socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit at work!